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Information Resources

You can take the librarian out of the library, but once a librarian always a librarian (or something like that). These resource collections are designed for librarians, researchers, students, volunteers or any others who are interested in access to information.

A to Z Database List

Check out my list of over 100 databases, browsable by type, subject, and language. The resources listed include a variety of academic databases and other information resources. All the resources listed here offer at least some free or Open Access content.

Digital Archives

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Library Development

These resources, including downloadable books and manuals, provide information about setting up and running community and school libraries in a variety of settings.

Media Studies Journals

This is a working list of Open Access journals focused on media studies and related topics such as communication, film and cinema, comics, games, television, genre studies, digital cultures, and more.

Sources for Book Donations

These organizations provide donated books to community and school libraries around the world. The organizations listed here are organized according to geographic region served.

Subject Guides

These subject guides provide an introduction and recommended resources to selected subjects within the field of media studies.

Media Studies 101

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Media Literacy

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Video Games

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Topic Bibliographies

These bibliographies include suggested reading, relevant texts and academic journals, organizations and networks, and other resources related to selected interdisciplinary areas of special interest. While many of these texts I have indeed read or cited myself, I have also included other resources that have caught my eye (and may be on my personal TBR pile).

Animals & Media

Humans have been weaving stories and creating art featuring animal subjects since time immemorial. Careful examination of these human-generated images help us better understand perceptions and attitudes toward animals, the environment, and the natural world.

Childhood Studies

Childhood studies is an emerging multidisciplinary area of scholarly research and inquiry. Distinct from the fields of childhood development or child psychology, childhood studies considers children as a social group.

Cyborgs & Posthumanism

Posthumanism is an umbrella term that can be difficult to define, but broadly speaking posthuman theory seeks to de-center human exceptionalism or remove "man" from the top of the metaphysical hierarchy.


Eco-horror (also environmental horror or natural horror) deals with fears about the environment. While eco-horror is not necessarily new as a genre, dedicated critical analysis and scholarship into eco-horror is quite recent. Eco-horror scholarship considers the ways in which the subgenre reflects and informs anxieties about science, the environment, and the nonhuman world.

Environmental Media Studies

Environmental Media Studies is a new interdisciplinary field which brings together media studies, the environmental humanities, and ecocriticism.

Monster Theory

Monster theory (or monster studies) considers monsters as cultural objects. Whether in folklore, fiction, or even real-life, monsters are constructed from cultural fears and anxieties.

Queer Ecologies

Under construction.

Science & Culture

As a human endeavor, science is included in our broader concepts of culture. Social studies of science is a broad, trans- and multidisciplinary field of research and practice, including taking a humanities perspective in the study of science as a cultural phenomenon.