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Wabanaki Confederacy

Wabana'ki Mawuhkacik

People of the Dawn

This site was created at Məkíhkanək in Wαpanáhkik on the ancenstral homelands of the Abenaki people. The Abenaki are one of the historical members of the Wabanaki Confederacy. Today, the Wabanaki Confederacy includes the Abenaki, Maliseet (Wolastoqiyik), Mi’kmaq, Penobscot, and Passamaquoddy First Nations in Maine, the Canadian Maritimes, and Quebec. As a result of displacement due to settler colonialism, most Abenaki people today live on the Wôlinak and Odanak reserves in Quebec, Canada. The Wabanaki people have cared for this land going back nearly 13,000 years.


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